Vipal Sabharwal, MD

Stories like Diane’s are what get Dr. Sabharwal excited about coming to work every day.

“Diane’s an amazing patient,” he says. “She’s been seeing me in the office for several years with a chronic cardiac condition. But she got very, very sick and had to be in the ICU. It took a lot of doctors, a lot of nurses and a lot of time. We had to put together a team to help pull her through this. But that satisfaction that we get from seeing her walk around is an inspiration for all of us in our office, in our daily lives as we carry on the good help that we do.”

For Sabharwal, practicing medicine without compassion isn’t really practicing medicine at all.

“We’ve got to take the time to listen to our patients, talk to our patients and give them our full attention. That’s where compassion comes from.”

Diane recalls another office visit with Dr. Sabharwal, during which he asked her if she’d been taking one of her medications.

“I said, ‘no, I’m still not working and couldn’t afford to get that one filled,” says Diane. “He said, ‘Ms. Paige, if you ever have any problems getting your medications and you should need anything, call my office and let them know and we will help you get your medication.”

“I was in disbelief,” she says. “I went home and told my son. He said, ‘That’s a good doctor.’ I said, ‘Heck no, that’s a great doctor!’”