Charles Nelson, MD

In all of Dr. Charles Nelson’s years as a Bon Secours cardiologist, he’s never seen a case quite like Andrea’s.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody as young as her with no risk factors with a nearly completely blocked artery,” says Nelson, who is also the director of the cardiac catheterization lab at St. Mary’s. “I think the main lesson from this is that even in young people with not a lot of traditional risk factors… if they experience any unusual symptoms they need to get it checked out. Why worry?”

Nelson attributes positive outcomes like Andrea’s not only to his team’s expertise and access to the latest technology, but also to their commitment to providing compassionate care.

“Everybody is focused on what’s best for the patient… taking the time to really consider what the patient is feeling about what’s happening to them. There’s a big, big focus on that, and it runs through the culture of what Bon Secours does.”

For Nelson, good help is “providing high-quality, compassionate care that considers the patient’s personal, emotional and spiritual needs.”