Two years ago, Marvin suffered from atrial fibrillation — a condition that forced him to live each day in fear, never knowing when terrifying heart palpitations would strike next.

“The a-fib gave me an irregular heartbeat and caused me to feel very nervous and afraid for my life,” says Marvin. “It was like every heartbeat… I never knew if that was going to be the heartbeat that tripped into a-fib.”

With the condition beginning to dramatically affect his quality of life, Marvin sought the medical counsel of Bon Secours cardiologist Dr. Harpreet Grewal, who specializes in cardiac electrophysiology — the study of abnormal electrical rhythms.

Grewal had recently brought a new form of treatment known as cryoballoon therapy to Memorial Regional Medical Center and Marvin was fortunate to be one of its first recipients.

“We basically put a balloon up into the left atrium and froze around the four pulmonary veins that enter into the left atrium,” says Grewal. “That disrupted the electrical signal that comes from those veins and electrically isolated those veins from the rest of the heart.”

Today, Marvin’s living completely symptom-free and hasn’t had a single palpitation in two years. He remains in awe of his results and the level of care Dr. Grewal and the staff at MRMC provided.

“Their service is top-notch,” says Marvin. “I can’t say enough good things about this hospital. Dr. Grewal is a very caring person. He went out of his way to make sure my procedure succeeded. It’s a miraculous difference that he made in my life.”

To ensure the procedure was 100 percent accurate and Marvin was in fact cured, Grewal implanted a device called a loop recorder to monitor his heart rhythms.

“He’s now had this for two years,” says Grewal. “And he has not had a single bout of atrial fibrillation.”

For Marvin, good help means good health. “It’s like a night-and-day difference, in my case.”