Brian Kaminsky, MD

As an interventional cardiologist, Dr. Kaminsky has made a career out of rising to the challenge and thriving under pressure.

“The thing that drives me and that gives me the most satisfaction is doing a good job for the patient,” says Kaminsky, who is also the medical director of the cardiac catheterization lab at Memorial Regional Medical Center. “The more dramatic the illness they face, the more rewarding it is to stop it. And there’s nothing more rewarding than stopping a major heart attack.”

Indeed. If stopping major heart attacks is the measure of success, Dr. Kaminsky and his team at Memorial Regional must find their jobs incredibly rewarding. In 2011, they were rated by Healthgrades as the best cath lab in Virginia. And in 2012, the hospital held the Healthgrades distinction of best overall cardiac program in the state.

Kaminsky attributes much of the hospital’s — and his patients’ — success to Bon Secours’ commitment to innovative technology and compassionate care.

“There’s a drive to always continue to improve,” says Kaminsky. “Not to settle for the way we’ve done it for 20 years, for five years or even two years because there’s always new developments coming around the corner. Bon Secours does everything they need to do to enable me to do my best work.”

One of those developments has been Kaminsky’s adoption of a radial approach (insertion through the wrist) to cardiac catheterization and stenting procedures, which he says often results in less pain, a shorter hospital stay and fewer complications than the traditional femoral (leg) approach.

For Kaminsky, good help is doing the best possible job for the patient, making them better, relieving their anxieties, putting their families at ease and often diffusing the situation with a joke.